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Program Overview

We use music as both a metaphor and a direct experience, whether in an engaging conference keynote or breakout, an interactive teambuilding program, or a longer leadership development track. Other methods we use to creatively engage your participants include improvisational theater, storytelling, and the visual mapping of ideas to create a shared vision of the future.

Based on your needs and goals, we’ll recommend the best creative pallet of experiences for your participants. All our programs offer active experience balanced with reflection and discussion to generate insight and build commitment for change. And with our consulting and organizational development expertise, we’ll make sure our offering continues to resonate long after the music and fun fades.

Build teamwork

For building team camaraderie, cohesion, and alignment, our custom-designed immersive teambuilding experiences can range from half-hour energizers to full-day transformative experiences as well as longer extended learning modules, depending on your requirements. They can be one-time events, entail multiple sessions, or continue over the course of a year or more.

Our interactive, music-based teambuilding programs build individual listening skills and team cohesion, and embed new concepts, language, and tools into your team’s culture. These programs allow participants to experience what it’s like to work as a more interdependent and unified high-performing team, a visceral reference point for years to come.

Some of the needs our programs can address include:

  • Team launch and integration: Build energy, focus, and clarity for new or newly reorganized teams.
  • Breakthrough performance: Offer participants an experience of transformation that will inspire them to reach ambitious goals and face daunting challenges that may lie ahead.
  • Celebrating achievement: Bring people together in a shared, unforgettable experience that helps them feel appreciated and creates a signature experience that helps them feel appreciated.
  • Creative fun + development: Provide your people with a fun, creative experience that also inspires and provokes expansive thinking.

Our offerings in this category work well for trainings, team off-sites, leadership-development programs, and in the aftermath of a merger, acquisition, or a reorganization. For 10 to 1,500+ participants.


Deepen collaboration

To take your organization to the next level, we offer multiple-day programs that develop new skills and deepen collaborative capability. Your participants can learn to forge shared agreements and shared vision, productively air differences, skillfully navigate conflict, build resilient alliances, and boost both positivity and productivity.

We creatively engage both teams or individual contributors from across your organization through activities that are engaging, thought-provoking and fun while building skills that deepen collaborative capability. Participants leave with concrete agreements and the next steps for implementing what they’ve learned in an intact or extended team and across your organization.

Some examples of situations we can address:

  • Team “reboot”: Increase trust, rev up collaboration, and accelerate performance.
  • Strategic visioning: We’ll help your team build a shared purpose, clarify roles and interdependencies, and emerge with a prioritized plan for moving forward. This module represents a good extension to our teambuilding experiences as a way to deepen the learning and ensure that the lessons and momentum gained are fully leveraged in moving the team forward.
  • Radical Collaboration®: We are certified presenters of this cutting-edge program that teaches five key skills for proactively addressing conflict, having courageous conversations, negotiating win/win agreements, and consciously building resilient alliances. The program includes participatory simulations and a conflict-resolution process drawn from the Harvard Negotiation Project.
  • Team diagnostic assessment: Gives your team a view of how it functions in two dimensions: productivity and positivity. High-performing teams maximize both in order to achieve and sustain exceptional results. We’ll assess your team at the beginning and at the end of our involvement so that they can see the “before” and “after” results of our work with them.

Multiple-day programs for intact or extended teams, or 5 to 40 individual contributors from across your organization, whether in a team off-site, in a stand-alone leadership program, or as part of a curriculum.


Cultivate leadership

We equip your leaders with skills and practices to make them self-aware, energized, resilient, and prepared to orchestrate excellence throughout your organization’s culture.

For 10 to 30 individuals in a longer-term learning cohort.

Resonant Leadership

We can teach your leaders five principles for orchestrating excellence in your organization that we’ve developed by studying exceptional leaders and pioneering innovators in the fields of business and music:

  • Leadership presence
  • Listening at three levels
  • Communicating and leading through change
  • Building resilient alliances
  • Inspiring others though stories and courageous acts

Or, we can determine the top five principles and practices your most-successful leaders are already using, and design a custom program around this discovery.

This track represents our most customized approach, involving consulting, organizational development, action research, and experiential learning. It can be a two-to-three-day course for 15 to 30 leaders at all levels, or can be arranged into modules for inclusion in an existing leadership curriculum.

Passport to Innovation™

This leadership track teaches the principles of how to create new products, services, experiences, and transformations based on our unique experience-design model.

In this one-to-two-day session, you and your colleagues will learn how to move through the phases of observation, empathy, ideation, prototyping, validating, and pitching new offerings. Designed for managers and leaders in marketing, sales, strategy, brand and product development, and R&D.


Transform conferences

Designed for 50 to 2500+ attendees within the same company, or individuals from different organizations united by a common interest, theme, or industry.

We can stage innovative keynotes or breakout sessions to quickly build community, spark engagement, and inspire creative thinking. Our offerings, as in all of our work, are customized to your needs, but here are some common options:

  • Interactive keynotes: Combine relevant ideas with a resonant experience that provokes people’s imaginations and touches their emotions, to start or wrap up your conference.
  • Signature openers and energizers: Kick off a conference on a positive note and set the stage for sky-high community and creativity.
  • Concurrent sessions: Breakouts that provide a deeper and richer experience for a subset of your larger audience, helping participants truly feel “at home.” (After all, music is the international language.)
  • Overall conference / meeting design and facilitation: Involve us to ensure that your entire conference resonates with your audience as a unified and engaging arc of experience from start to finish.

We’ve created signature experiences and interactive keynotes for the likes of Fast Company, Innovation Convergence, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, the Association for Talent Development, the Organization Development Network, Hilton Hotels, the California Workplace Association, and the National Women’s Leadership conference, among many others.