• Orchestrating Excellence

The Birth of our New Brand

After 27 years, One World Music has evolved into Orchestrating Excellence.

Expanded offers. Deeper capability. Team-building and beyond.

Given the range of our offerings, the depth of the workplace programs we design and deliver, and the breadth of our work in organizations around the world, it became necessary to shed our former name and embrace a new identity, one that more appropriately captures our recent achievements and our future aspirations.

Over the years with One World Music, I’ve learned to trust my intuition more. I’ve learned that it takes a team and a village to create a new brand: Skilled consultants and ad-hoc advisers. A visionary designer and full-time angel named Karin. Talented writers and editors. Loyal staff, supportive colleagues, amazing clients, and able strategists. All these folks believed in me and in our team, helping carry me through moments of doubt and uncertainty.

I’ve also learned that each person holds just one piece of an overarching puzzle. Putting it all together has required an act of orchestration — not unlike composing a symphony (planning), placing all the elements in the right proportion (arranging), getting all the contributors to harmonize (conducting), and then premiering and fine-tuning (iterating and improvising). Of course, there’s still more to do, but it’s time to take a breath and celebrate reaching a milestone!