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“Orchestrating Excellence designed and presented an experiential program on collaborative leadership as part of a week-long Leadership Academy for our top directors and emerging global leaders. Frankly, I was blown away.

There was such heart and attention demonstrated by the incredibly talented performers and facilitators — who just happen to be some of the coolest and warmest people I’ve ever met.

The originality of design, the models and concepts introduced, the stellar delivery, and level of customization as well as integration into the overall curriculum made it one of the best, most impactful leadership programs we’ve ever seen.

Truly world-class in every way.

Tom Hoog, Vice Chairman, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

“Your program is one of the three best teambuilding experiences we have ever seen, and the only one involving music.”

Linda Warren, Executive Vice President, Executive Committee, Walt Disney World

“Orchestrating Excellence’s premise is to advance and model culture integration through a powerful and thought-provoking musical simulation. They did more in four hours to further our integration goals after an acquisition than the entire week’s business presentations! I was the first to say this couldn’t be done, especially at the level of musical cohesion we ultimately achieved, and the end result completely changed my thinking about effective teambuilding!

Of the many certifications and courses I’ve completed over the past two decades as an HR professional, the Orchestrating Excellence experience blew me away like none other.

Tracey York, Global HR Business Partner, AVINTIV (formerly Polymer Group Inc.)

“The experience that Orchestrating Excellence provided had both an initial and a sustainable effect, helping us take a slow-growth business and increase it from $90 to $170 million in 4 years.At another company where I used OE, our team successfully led the effort to transform the organization from paper to image processing, saving well over $350 million.

I attribute both of these successes to the inspiration and momentum for change that OE initiated, along with the language and concepts we took to heart and leveraged over time.”

Lance Drummond, former Senior Vice President of E-Commerce, Bank of America

“Orchestrating Excellence programs are incredibly entertaining, incredibly educational — and a great way to escape from the humdrum fare that fills up most meetings and conferences. An Orchestrating Excellence production leaves you musically, mentally, and emotionally transformed.

Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore, Co-authors, The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre and Every Business a Stage

“Orchestrating Excellence expertly guided us in an active and reflective inquiry that left a lasting mark on us all. We left the session in a definite groove that will impact our work together for months, if not years. I was moved by the skill of the musicians, the openness of my colleagues, and the truly beautiful experience we created together.

Chris Murchison, Vice President of Staff Development and Culture, HopeLab

“We brought in Orchestrating Excellence to kick off a business conference of 100 people from two merged organizations. The program opened people’s hearts and perfectly captured the themes we wanted to emphasize. By starting us off in such a positive, energetic way, they played a big part in our company’s successful reorganization.”

Steve Jones, Vice President of Consulting, FranklinCovey

“Orchestrating Excellence is perfectly suited to help global companies in navigating through persistent and intractable culture integration issues after a reorganization, merger, or acquisition.

Their programs create a visceral sense of unity and coherence that words alone cannot. And in the accuracy of their linkages between the ensemble-building experience and an organization’s envisioned future, they possess an uncanny ability to engage cynical hardliners who are usually resistant to change.”

Simon Drysdale, Vice President of Human Relations, BP

“The people at Orchestrating Excellence have incredibly high standards and really did their homework compared to other teambuilding providers we’ve seen. By taking the time to understand our issues, customize to our needs, and incorporate our lingo, they gave us much more than some basic, cookie-cutter program. Their careful pre-assessment process resulted in a truly customized program.”

Torie Sandvig, Vice President, Charles Schwab

“The thing that sets Orchestrating Excellence apart is how thoroughly they get to know your organization. They really put themselves in our shoes to understand what our business is about. They stayed in our hotels, saw what our guests see, got to know us from our teammates’ point of view, and came to understand our vision, mission, and culture — the DNA of what we are about.”

Scott Schrank, Vice President, Brand Performance and Support, Hampton Inn/Hilton Hotels

“Orchestrating Excellence brings the advantage of scale to its programs. Few presenters can engage a large group so quickly, infuse participants with energy, and stay on the message that we’ve come together to create a high-performing organization.”

Peter Block, Organizational Thought Leader and Author of Community: The Structure of Belonging

“Orchestrating Excellence was instrumental in helping our top leaders understand how to get from good to great. The experience has stayed with us as a reference for what high-level collaboration and inspired leadership feel like.”

Kevin McCabe, Chief Auditor, Wells Fargo

“Orchestrating Excellence designed and led us through a customized music experience, in which they claimed we could become a cohesive-sounding, world-class percussion orchestra in what seemed like an impossibly short period of a half day.  And much to everyone’s shock and amazement, we did.

For the first time, our leaders realized that they could become a high-performing team and do what seemed impossible. The bar, musically speaking, was set so high — beyond what anyone thought was possible or realistic to achieve.  And, our business goals seemed equally ‘impossible.’

The program energized and inspired our leaders, helping us envision a whole new way of working together, and creating a buzz throughout the organization.”

Lance Drummond, former Senior Vice President of E-Commerce, Bank of America

We were a pretty demanding corporate client! Our event had to be minutely choreographed, because we knew if we didn’t capture our audience in the first 30 seconds, people would walk out. Orchestrating Excellence was responsive, helpful, and created a program that fulfilled our vision perfectly. It was the most successful program we’ve ever had in terms of ‘wow factor,’ memorability, and the precise integration of strategic business messages.”

Kristi L’Amoreaux, former Senior Consultant for Quality and Organizational Development, AirTouch Communications (now part of Verizon Wireless)

We started with skepticism. But music became our common language. We gained insight into how to do a clearer and better job of leading and supporting our people as they become new hires and managers. What a great way to build trust and to experience the psychology of change and resilience.”

Glenn Phillips, Human Resources Field Director, Lowe’s

“Orchestrating Excellence make great partners in any business-transformation effort. They truly understand the psychology of change and possess the business acumen to gain credibility with any business audience.

Lance Drummond, former Senior Vice President of E-Commerce, Bank of America

“What Orchestrating Excellence provided was way more than a ‘teambuilding’ experience. It was a finely crafted simulation of a journey from our current reality to our desired future. It gave my extended team new confidence and illuminated the attitude and skills needed to successfully drive and manage change. Most leaders and consulting companies miss the need to first get an organization ready and willing to change. Gary and his team provide the cultural tipping point that enables people to embrace change rather than resist it.”

Lance Drummond, former Senior Vice President of ECommerce, Bank of America

“We have hired many experiential providers before, but none quite like Orchestrating Excellence. What sets Gary Muszynski and his team apart is the extraordinary quality of program delivery and audience interaction, the level of customization, their knowledge of business, and their excellent follow-through.

They took the time to truly understand our culture, sat in on all of the keynotes, and interviewed people before our meeting. Linkages between music and our business were made skillfully from start to finish with outstanding results.”

Yolanda Mangolini, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank, Consumer Credit Group

“Orchestrating Excellence offers a fabulous way to weave the themes of leadership into an engaging experiential activity. They did their homework to understand our business culture including our leadership model and really brought our concepts to life. I recommend Orchestrating Excellence for capturing the essence of skillful leadership and applying it to improving workplace learning and performance.”

Brian Fishel, Senior Vice President, Leadership Development, Bank of America

“Orchestrating Excellence’s day-long, customized program helped my story team coalesce. We learned about taking creative risks, the power of narrative structures, and using music to shift the way we look at the hero’s journey. Individually, we became more adept as story creators, and collectively, we became a more-cohesive team. Highly recommended for any team looking for creative development of the highest order.”

Joe Ranft, former Head of Story at Pixar, about our work with the original Cars story team

“Orchestrating Excellence’s lessons are universal. We learned that you have to rely on others to be successful, and that you have to imagine the impossible.”

Victoria Sandvig, Vice President, Charles Schwab

“My greatest memory of an Orchestrating Excellence experience is what it’s like to be with people when they rediscover their creative selves. I was astonished at how much deep learning went on.”

Margaret Wheatley, Thought Leader and Author of Leadership and the New Science

“Orchestrating Excellence’s session gave me important insights into the dynamics of my group and how to elicit the best performance from its members. It truly was a transformational moment that is withstanding the test of time even in the face of a significant structural reorganization. Did I forget to mention how much fun we had?

Wilheimus Verhoofstad, Global Head, PDP, Hoffman Roche Pharmaceuticals

“The Team Jazz session helped us set the right tone for our work together and map out the territory ahead — the challenges we might encounter as well as the leadership abilities we could all bring into play to create the best overall effect. Linkages between what we did musically and how we can best work together were made skillfully. Because of this experience, we have developed into one of the most cohesive and effective teams I have had the pleasure to lead.”

Rod Jackson, Executive Vice President of Global Shared Services, Cisco Systems

“What a fantastic ear-opening experience! Your workshop provided a terrific metaphor and experience of harmony, integration, and wellness for our Management and Labor team.”

Bruce Blumberg, M.D., Physician-in-Chief, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco

“I can think of nothing more fresh or extraordinary than what Orchestrating Excellence created for us. Their finely tuned, customized workshop perfectly reflected the intricacies of change and provided lasting value to a large and complex organization.”

Jay Moss, Change Management Executive, Global Treasury Operations, Bank of America