Our Premise

Music is the ideal metaphor and experience for workplace leadership, collaboration, and change.

A musical mindset can help us more-successfully navigate a work world filled with challenge and change. Here are a few of the principles that music can teach us —

  • when it’s time to lead through acts of orchestration;
  • when a project or team is better served through acts of collaboration and teamwork;
  • when to improvise and innovate, especially in the midst of complexity and chaos.

Music offers an extensive repertory of leadership approaches and collaborative tools for orchestrating excellence in today’s constantly changing workplace.

Through creative engagement, using music and other participatory methodologies, we bring these lessons home in ways that imprint on the hearts and minds of participants.

“Jazz is the ideal metaphor for how organizations need to operate in the 21st Century, and Orchestrating Excellence captures that spirit perfectly. Their ‘Leadership Jazz’ experience has inspired us on our journey as we explore and co-discover new organizational forms.”

Eamonn Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer, Deloitte

Our Promise

Our participatory experiences engage audiences, demonstrate teamwork, unleash creativity, and inspire leadership.

Orchestrating Excellence is a leading-edge provider of teambuilding and leadership development experiences and tools for teams, organizations, and conferences of all sizes.

Our creatively designed custom programs build trust, collaboration, innovation, and a sense of community — helping organizations grow and thrive, enabling productivity to soar.

Participants learn what it’s like to be integral in a precisely synchronized and joyful musical ensemble — a celebratory experience they’ll remember for years to come. Plus we reveal the principles behind these amazing transformations so they understand how to apply them to leading and navigating change.

Our Process

Our process is highly collaborative. First we listen to your needs and aspirations. Then together we co-invent a customized learning solution, whether for a one-time signature experience or a longer-term developmental arc. The steps:

1: Clarify your goals and co-design a unique learning journey.

2: Inspire and engage participants though multi-sensory learning.

3: Experience teamwork, inspired leadership, and sky-high creativity.

4: Reflect and converse; crystalize insights and next steps.

5: Practice and integrate new awareness, skills, and behaviors.

6: Support progress, accountability, and success.

Our programs can cover just a few of these steps or the entire progression, depending on your needs and goals: whether your intent is to build your team, deepen collaborative skill, grow leadership capability, cultivate culture, or transform conferences.

Why choose Orchestrating Excellence?

Our level of music-making is unparalleled in terms of precision, variety, complexity, energy, scope, and fun. We draw on a wide array of creative engagement approaches starting with percussion and song composition.

We draw on many different fields for both content and inspiration to create a truly original hybrid work. Besides the world of music, sources include neuroscience, chaos and systems theory, organization development, group dynamics, storytelling, leadership research, improvisational theatre, and aikido.

Programs are led by world-class facilitators, educators, musicians — artists who perform with musical luminaries including Sting, Santana, Bobby McFerrin, Huey Lewis and the News, and the Turtle Island String Quartet, at venues such as the Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

We can employ the full range of musical experiences, including classical, rock and roll, world, and jazz. Each style imparts its own unique lessons about how to orchestrate, compose, collaborate, synchronize, and improvise effectively — distinctly different ways of leading, planning, partnering, implementing, and navigating change.

What makes us unique?

  • Assured success

    Clients told us we surpassed their expectations for seven key criteria in 98 out of 100 program deliveries.
  • Credibility and experience

    In nearly three decades, we’ve wowed more than 100,000 leaders, managers, and individuals in organizations large and small.
  • Global outlook

    Our musicians and facilitators are culturally diverse global citizens; we’ve worked with organizations on four continents.
  • Originality and depth of design

    Our program originality and customization was rated as superior by discerning learning and development professionals and C-Suite executives at top companies such as Genentech, Electronic Arts, HopeLab, and Cisco.
  • Design and facilitation mastery

    We’ve been recognized as master-level instructional designers by Duke Corporate Education, the Center for Creative Leadership, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Society for Human Resource Management, the Organization Development Network, and the Association for Talent Development.

“Terrific ear-opening experience! What a dynamic metaphor for organizational harmony, integration, and wellness.”

Dr. Bruce Blumberg, Physician-in-Chief, Kaiser San Francisco